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  • Spring Forward: Philadelphia Runner Sublimated Singlet

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    Spring Forward: Philadelphia Runner Sublimated Singlet

    by Lionel Brahim Brodie III


    You walked into a store on Christmas Eve, and you saw it: Valentine’s Day gifts! Maybe even Saint Patrick's Day decorations if you're (bad pun coming) lucky. You pop into the supermarket on February 13 to grab some stuff for Galentine's Day and you spot the chocolate bunny and cream–filled eggs that are already laid out for Easter. It's Good Saturday and you trip over an Independence Day–inspired case of whatever while you're looking for a bottle of whatever for the next day’s dinner. That red–white–blue vibe will get you to July when you'll see your first special on Halloween candy. When summer unofficially ends on Labor Day, you can pick up Thanksgiving stuff on your way back from the shore. Three weeks later, when summer officially ends.....Merry Christmas!


    And repeat. 


    Early. And so are we…..


    Yes, it just snowed. And iced. Twice. 


    Yes, it was just 1 degree outside. 


    And yes, we're already thinking about Spring, and Summer, and Racing, and Fits.



    Do you how difficult it is to find a proper racing singlet? I'm talking a lightweight, pro–cut singlet with a fully sublimated design that you can throw on, forget it's there, and just rip. You know where the camera crew will be on the course and it's all good because you are STYLING! More importantly, the shirt is made for running, so it's a lightweight fabric that is quick–drying and breathable. It's not slowing you down, it's not making you hot, and when the race is over.....it'll be dry before you grab your medal, finish your pretzel, and make it through the adult beverage line.


    If you've ever ran a race, or had a big running event to attend, then you can probably relate to the "what am I going to wear" fretfulness. We just solved the shirt part of the equation. Early too.....it'll be Spring by the time you finish reading this.


    Postscript: feel free to wear in the Winter and Fall as well.


    Run Far. Rep Local.



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