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  • The Snow Day

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    The Snow Day

    by Lionel Brahim Brodie III


    Remember when you were younger, and snow was fun? I mean snow can still be a good time, but when I was <<<<< 21 it was wildly entertaining. Making snowmen with my parents. Snowball fights with friends. Tackle football for bragging rights in the neighborhood. Getting snowed in with your favorite people and binge–watching whatever your guilty pleasure was.


    Then, if you attended college, The Snow Day took on an entirely different meaning (at least at Thee Villanova University it did). The Snow Day meant PARTY. If you found out the night before, it set you up for a truly historic, seemingly never–ending, legacy–defining experience. If you found out morning of.....day party (darty). Dager (day rager). You know, some of the things that I probably shouldn't be talking about on this platform haha.


    Then, you became a full–fledged adult. Got a job. Moved out of your parents' house. And The Snow Day meant waking up early to defrost your car, shovel yourself out, and drive to work. Waking up early because you know the bus, trolley, or train will be delayed. Waking up early because you know the roads could be bad and people will be driving slower. Waking up early because you know the roads could be bad and people will be driving FASTER!


    Then, you remember that you're a runner. The Snow Day doesn't align with The Rest Day. What do you do:


    Cancel the run? Maybe.....but it's still winter and the snow could eventually turn to ice, which is worse to run in and more dangerous.


    Hit the dreadmill? Potentially.....do you have access to one? Is your gym open? If either of those answers are yes, let's get it!


    Run at a slower pace? Great.....give yourself a little grace. I mean you still got out, right?


    Wear trail shoes? Smart.....trail shoes tend to have weather–ready fabrics on the uppers and extra traction on the outsole. There are some really good–looking women’s and men’s models out there too.




    Wear waterproof shoes? Yes.....waterproof models will keep your feet dry, and like trail shoes, sometimes have extra traction on the outsole.




    Add some chains to your tires? Definitely.....The Yaktrax® Run is the only traction device anatomically designed to meet the needs of runners braving the winter elements.



    And dont forget your hat and gloves.....




    Now would be a good time to refer to our Gift Guide Rundown for some great, cold–weather apparel options.....


    Whatever you decide, be careful, stay safe, and we'll see you out there!


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