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  • Launch Day - Diadora Cellula

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    Launch Day - Diadora Cellula

    by Lionel Brahim Brodie III


    Today is Launch Day for the new Diadora Cellula and we have them at our stores (Center CityUniversity CityManayunk, or Glen Mills) and online. Can't wait to get them on my feet! I'm thinking tomorrow or Thursday. What about you.....when are you stopping in to pick up a pair? 



    Our friends from Diadora are calling this a big sister/big brother to the immensely popular Equipe Nucleo. Actually, I need to pick up a pair of the Nucleo as well. There's a very nice yellow colorway that's been calling my name for a minute. The Cellula, pronounced "CHELL–you–luh" with the hard CH, is a low drop, smooth, neutral trainer for daily running and long distances.



    It's neutral, true. But because of the high stack height and the fact that the platform is so wide and structured, the Cellula provides a light run on a stable base. The companion for daily training and long distances, for infinite, self–aware steps. 



    This is an impressive option for high mileage running, jogging, walking, as well as all–day standing. We can thank Diadora's DD Anima technology for this – a special blend that amps up midsole responsiveness by 30% while trimming weight by 20% – making the shoe's cushioning PLLUUUSSSSHHHH.


    Stack height – 33mm / 28mm
    Drop: 5mm
    Weight: 9.7oz (M) / 7.6oz (W)



    We’re off to get some miles in the Cellula and I’ll circle back with a review. In the meantime, stop in to pick these up, check out the rest of our Diadora assortment, schedule a gait analysis, or continue your online visit!


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