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  • January 2024 - Resolve To Run

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    January 2024 - Resolve To Run

    by Lionel Brahim Brodie III


    It's almost a minute to midnight. The ball has begun to drop. You're gearing up to kiss the one you love and incorrectly sing "Auld Lang Syne". The lyrics are 'Should AULD acquaintance be forgot'. Or is it 'OLD'? Is it 'ALL? And do you know the next line? I don't.....I've been mumbling this song for 20ish years haha. What I do know is that once the tune ends, it's time for my resolutions to take priority. No more holiday cookies (ok, maybe 1 more). I'm gonna get outside daily before work. Run injury free (hard to control, but it's wishful thinking). Tackle every race on my calendar.


    However you resolve to run, your Philadelphia Runner Family has you covered. As we enter our 20th year running with you (!!!!!), check out some of the events that we have lined up in January 2024:


    December 31 - New Year's Eve Fun Run - your last run of the year!


    January 1 - Chase The Throne - your first race of the year!


    January 4 - Happy Hour Run with ASICS - your first happy hour of the year!


    January 20 - Glen Mills Trail Run - your first trail run of the year! Ok, maybe not.....but I was on a roll.


    And don't forget about our weekly runs from Center City, Manayunk, and University City. That information can be found HERE.


    Looking forward to seeing you out there. Merry New Year!


    Postscript: I know it’s “Happy New Year.” If you’ve ever seen the greatest Christmas movie ever, Trading Places, you’ll get the “Merry New Year” reference. And if you haven’t seen it…..stop what you’re doing right now and rent it!



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