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  • The Gift Of The Gift Guide: Season Rundown

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    The Gift Of The Gift Guide: Season Rundown

    by Lionel Brahim Brodie III


    Coming off of the fourth Thursday of November, we weren’t sure if “Gift Guide Season” was already a thing. I mean we knew there would be an influx of communication from basically every company on the Third Rock (that’s Earth friends. This single-origin Ethiopian, hand pour-over coffee has me feeling very artsy this morning). But we really wanted to celebrate Gift Guides. Call it a Season, make it something to look forward to, justify the holiday hype. So when you see the first 2024 guide directly after Labor Day next year, don’t be surprised.


    Now you're probably thinking that the sand is almost out of the hourglass on this holiday shopping season. But I just recently found out from our very own Elizabeth Pagonis that the 12 Days Of Christmas, also known as Twelvetide or Christmastide, actually begins ON December 25th, not beforehand. Meaning.....there is still plenty of time for drummers drumming, golden rings, turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree.


    Destiny’s Child’s "8 Days of Christmas" is my favorite version of the song. Yes, I know it’s missing 4 of the days haha. But I remember it being on the same single as "Independent Women Part I" from Charlie's Angels (2000 film) and the latter song is a straight bop! I mean unabashed, windows down, volume up, full send bop. 


    Regardless of which holiday, if any, you celebrate or have celebrated, your Philadelphia Runner Family is wishing you well this season, and every season! And since we probably all celebrate Running Season, we decided to take the last 31 days of Gift Guide Season and drop them into one place. Please enjoy, share with a friend, ask that friend to share with a friend, and repeat.


    I could keep dropping musical references from the 106 & Park days. Remember when Lil’ Bow Wow said he was “Mr. 106 & Park”, dropped the ‘Lil’ from his name, and started hosting the show?!?!? Y’all know the show is named after the studio’s address, right? Bow Wow is on the remix of that Mariah Carey Christmas song. Yes, THAT song! Remix is a bop. Sorry. Without further ado, below is the best of Gift Guide Season!


    Gifts Under $25


    Gifts Under $50, part 1


    Gifts Under $50, part 2


    Gifts Under $100, part 1


    Gifts Under $100, part 2


    Gifts Under $200


    Gifts For The Beginner Runner


    Gifts For The Trail Runner


    Gifts For The Road Runner


    Gifts For The Distance Runner


    Gifts For The Ultra Runner


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