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  • The Gift Of The Gift Guide: Items For The Road Runner

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    The Gift Of The Gift Guide: Items For The Road Runner

    We’re not sure if Gift Guide Season is already a thing…..but let’s start it here if it isn’t. Below are some of our top pics for The Road Runner!

    Philadelphia Runner Gift Card – it literally is the gift that keeps on giving!



    Body Glide – because absolutely NO ONE likes chaffing. No one.....



    Gloves – it's hard to text, change songs, and /or adjust your running Watch when your fingers are cold and/or frostbitten (this pick is sort of a 2–in–1.....a "gift" if you will.....).




    ciele Headwear – a bunch of cool styles and various materials to choose from: lightweight polyester, mesh, wool beanies, etcetera.




    PR Headbands – because the last thing you want on your mind while walking, jogging, running, or racing is sweat in your eyes and hair in your face. Check out our new holiday collection. And our ear warmers!




    Socks – I mean who doesn’t want, need, and love socks?!?!?



    Amphipod Accessories – plenty of reflecting and reflective items.....and hydration handhelds to choose from. 




    Currex RunPro Insoles – do your feet, ankles, shins, etcetera a favor.....




    Anything from SPIbelt –  Lightweight, bounce-free, no-worry transport for your valuables and essentials while you’re active.




    Nike Women's GO Legging 7/8 – GREAT material and multiple pockets enabling you to pack a bunch and still travel light.



    Nike Men's Challenger Tights – see women’s tights. And allow us to add that you can never have too many pockets. Ever.....



    The North Face Winter Warm Collection – Runners, it's cold outside. And wet. And windy. Did we mention cold?





    Cotopaxi Capa Insulated Vest – when you want to be warm, but not TOO warm. You know what we mean! Vests allow for freedom of movement with your arms while you’re active, and if your shirt underneath is cool (as in stylish), it's a light flex. Our recommendation: the Cotopaxi Otero Fleece Half Zip. Speaking of which.....




    Cotopaxi Otero Fleece Half Zip – Half–Zips are the way to go for layering, warmth, and protection from nature’s elements. Wear over a tank, tee, and/or under a vest.




    Neutral Running Shoes – plenty of options to choose from, including the Diadora Equipe Nucleo.



    Stability Running Shoes – plenty of options to choose from, including the Brooks Glycerin GTS 21.




    If you're unsure of Neutral vs. Stability, our staff of experts can answer any questions you have. Stop in to say hello and schedule a gait analysis.



    Anything from the Philadelphia Runner Collection – rep the greatest city in the metaverse; all products under $100!




    Forget something from your holiday shopping list? We've got you covered. Continue your online visit with us, or stop by one of our four store locations. And keep your eyes open for ongoing and upcoming sales and specials running (pun obviously intended) throughout the Holiday Season!

    PR Center City: 1711 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR University City: 3621 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR Manayunk: 4358 Main Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR Glen Mills: 505 Glen Eagle Square, Glen Mills, PA



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