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  • Mile 5: Issa Run Crew

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    Mile 5: Issa Run Crew

    Philadelphia’s running community is rich with a variety of groups, teams, clubs, and crews. Each is unique in what they provide for their internal collective, and that distinctiveness plays a major role in shaping the entire city’s running landscape. Issa Run Club loves to run and have FUN. Their post–race parties are THEE place to be after you cross the finish line. 



    Let’s start with an easy warm–up, tell us your name and the name of your club you’re representing:


    Issa Run Crew (Y'all say iss–a and I say ice–a). Or just IRC.



    How and when did the club start?


    We started IRC in May of 2017 when our founder Richard Issa Bockari felt there was a need for a new kind of energy in the city's run scene. So one Monday night we met for a chill 5K, and the rest is history


    When and where does the club meet?


    We meet Mondays at 545p at Whole Foods by the art museums. Thursdays at Temple Sports Complex at 630p.



    Give us a quick rundown of the club:


    We are more like a family. And one who always loves new faces/members. We enjoy the social aspect of the group runs and hang out with each other outside of running a ton. But we also push each other to be the best runners that we can be. Whether it's shooting for a Boston qualifying time or a personal PR. We support and motivate each other as if it's a job. 


    What can someone expect if they come out to run with the group?


    To be greeted. Welcomed. Smiles. Love. Fun. 


    Is there a membership or fee involved with joining the club for runs?


    It is currently free.99 to join the squad.


    Do members get together to run at other times or gather for non–running activities?


    Absolutely. More than and better than any other club in this city. Respectfully. :–D



    Final question, tell us why someone should run with your club:


    Because we're the greatest collection of runners around. We have fun with each other. We motivate one another and we legitimately enjoy each other's company. Along with running we try and elevate teammates in their other passions as well. It's more than just a run crew. 


    Thanks for taking the time to share more about IRC with us! If you’re reading and want to learn more or join the Issa Run Club for some miles, check out their website and give them a follow on Instagram.


    Website: www.issaruncrew.com
    Instagram: @IssaRunCrew



    Do you belong to a local club, crew, group, or team and want to see them featured? Send us an email: brodie@philadelphiarunner.com


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