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  • The Gift Of The Gift Guide: Items For The Ultra Runner

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    The Gift Of The Gift Guide: Items For The Ultra Runner

    We’re not sure if Gift Guide Season is already a thing…..but let’s start it here if it isn’t…..


    #MYPHILLYRUNBLOG (MPR) will be focusing on ultrarunning more in 2024, and highlighting some of our very own in the process. Speaking of which, are you attending The Benny 500 tonight? Michael Gagliardi making history!


    We tapped back in with Rachel Bambrick to obtain her insight here. In case you missed it, Rachel recently finished Cocodona 250 and, with the support of HOKA, is launching a 4–part series on ultrarunning, designed for individuals who identify as female. We’ll discuss both in more detail in the coming weeks. Without further ado, below are some of Rachel’s top pics for The Ultra Runner!


    Philadelphia Runner Gift Card – it literally is the gift that keeps on giving!



    Body Glide

    With ultras often comes a lot of chaffing! Help avoid that with Body Glide. Put it on any hot spot areas before you run, and carry some with you to reapply!


    It comes in a convenient “deodorant stick” which makes it easy to carry in a hydration pack and easy to apply.



    Amphipod Race Lite Cups

    Many trail and ultra races are going cupless, meaning at aid and water stations they won’t have tons of small plastic cups for hydration. I love this because it’s great for the environment, but you’ve got to be prepared to have your own cup!


    These cups are super lightweight and compactable, so they stow away nicely into a hydration pack.


    Can be great for drinking sodas at aid stations, if you already have water bottles/flasks that you’ve been using.



    Nathan 6L Hydration Pack
    When you start to go longer, the need to carry hydration (and snacks, and extra gear…etc. etc.) increases!


    Hydration packs are great ways to easily store and carry lots of water, calories, and any needed gear (like the body glide and race lite cups also mentioned).


    Helps to keep your hands free as well if you’re using trekking poles for big climbs.



    Goodr Sunglasses
    Being out in the sun for prolonged periods of time can put a huge strain on the eyes, not to mention, if you’re running on some sandy/dusty trails getting dirt/dust debris in your eyes can be a huge pain!


    Goodr sunglasses are great because they’re lightweight, durable, and don’t bounce while you’re running. The glasses also come with a little travel pouch which is perfect for stowing them away if day turns to night!


    They also come in some super fun styles, because we all know half of ultra running is looking cool *wink*



    Gu Stroopwafels
    As the miles increase, so do the caloric demands. It’s typically recommended that you consume at least 250 calories an hour. Personally, I love eating things that feel more like “real food” and can be a treat, the Stroopwafels are perfect for this. 


    They can also go great with coffee if you’re completing a race that transitions from night back into the next morning!



    Cotopaxi Packable Capa Vest & Patagonia Packable Nano Puff Jacket
    During an ultra you may experience a variety of different temperatures! Especially if your race transitions from night–to–day. Having layers is key here.


    I love packable options, which means the gear folds down neatly into itself, so it packs easily into a hydration vest. 





    Garmin Enduro
    When running long, the last thing you want to worry about is charging your watch! The Garmin Enduro is great for that because among all its stellar features, it boasts a battery life of up to 80 hours in regular mode and 300 hours in max battery mode!



    Ciele Hats
    If you’re spending lots of miles out in the hot sun, eye and face protection are key! Ciele hats are the perfect mixture of comfort and style and they have so many options for any run adventure.


    Pro tip: if running a particularly hot race, dunk the hat in cold water and fill it with ice for an added cooling effect.



    Merino Wool Feetures Socks
    For those long adventures, merino wool socks are perfect. Merino wool provides moisture wicking, thermoregulating, and odor resistant properties naturally, making them the perfect fit for ultra runs!




    Tailwind is a wonderful drink mix to help runners gain hydration, electrolytes, and energy (through glucose and sucrose). 


    During an ultramarathon runners should try to consume 60–90 grams of carbs (glucose and sucrose) an hour. Tailwind is an easy way to help achieve that as it mixes easily into your water.


    It comes in a variety of flavors, so you don’t get sick of just one taste. It also comes in both large multi–portion bags and smaller single serving pouches. I love to keep the multi–portion bag with my crew and refill at aid stations, and keep some single serving pouches in my pack for any on the go needs.


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